vRealize Orchestrator 7.4.0 – Adding powershell host linux

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Hi all,


I’m very new to vRO and I would need your help with a challenge i have.


Scenario is the following:

I’m trying to add a powershell host to vRealize Orchestrator (obviously, title )

The app server runs o a linux machine (SLES 11 to be exact), powershell, windows.

I’m running these host type settings below and i think winRM set up on the powershell machine should be ok.

Unauthorized auth, basic auth, etc. I set that already. client and service

What i get when running the add host workflow is: “Unauthorized Access. Authentication mechanism requested by the client may not be supported by the server”

After several tries, my genius mind thought it could be because WinRM as only option for the remote host type and linux doesn’t understand winRM

Before wasting time in wrong directions, could this be the case?

And if so, how should i set up the powershell host?

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