Vrealize Automation 8.1: Provision Virtual Machine on specific hosts instead of Cluster

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I have a environment where my workload cluster is stretched across 2 physical location. 1st DC is active and 2nd DC is passive. However the management and workload cluster are streched across.


4 Hosts are in DC1 and 4 hosts in DC2. Total 8 hosts in streched cluster.


With VRA 8.1 i can chose cloud zone with specific cluster (if DRS enabled), not hosts.


So if i am provisioning VM using blueprint in vra 8.1 the provisining is happening on clujster level and based on performance it choses any host , sometimes of DC2 also.


I want my provisioning to get limited to DC1 hosts only from vRA 8.1


I tried a lot but not getting any option on vra 8.1 on how to restrict this provisioning on limited no of hosts.


Please guide.

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