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If you try and deploy vRA8 into VMware Cloud on AWS, you’ll get this error:

User has no administrative privileges

User has no administrative privileges

This is because VMConAWS limits end user privileges to protect the underlying infrastructure.

So when using the new vRA8 Simple Installer, it checks what privileges the user has, and if it doesn’t have admin privileges, you’ll get the error above.

The Simple Installer includes the OVA’s for vRA and vIDM, so it may be possible to deploy them manually, but currently there’s no official documentation on how to do that.

That being said, installing vRA8 into VMConAWS isn’t currently supported.

If you’re already using VMWonAWS, it would make sense to then use the SaaS based version of VMware Cloud Assembly. But if you really want to run the on-prem vRA, you should be able to deploy vRA7.x OK.

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