vRA7.2 – how the user can connect iso ?!!

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I have this issue that took me in a long journey with no solution -_-


I have this End User who requested an IaaS VM that is has no operating system installed.

after many searches I found out a solution where I created a blueprint & connected it to an windows 2012r2 iso in my datastore.

but when I connect to it using web console or VMRC console, both consoles don’t show  Removable devices & power options grayed out.

I though that happened because the VMware Tools aren’t installed yet, so I used WinToolkit to install VMware tools from windows 2012 iso.


but when I tested that blueprint with this iso, the VMware tools were installed but I still have the Removable devices & Power options grayed out !_!

Web console doesn’t even pass the mouse clicks to the vm, it shows the vm as a picture ! the only thing it passes is the command tabs at the top of the web client as ctrl alt del…

how the End User for god sake can connect his own iso files or apps if neither VMRC nor Web Consoles show any option to connect a simple iso file ?!!!

I have attached a pic for VMRC Grayed out options..



even the VMs created using linked clone don’t show the options for Removable devices .. duh !!


People around me started annoying & say the vRA is pointless if can n’t provide a simple option like this..

please if you can help me with this it would be a great help..


Thanks in Advanced..

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