vRA Cloud ABX / vRO – What am i missing!?

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Currently using vRA Cloud with VMC as the compute layer….hoping someone has some nuggets of gold.


I’m using ABX actions for extensibility because (unless someone knows different) you can’t use vRO with a VMC vCenter due to the lack of permission to register the authentication component.(I don’t have an on-prem vCenter)


ABX is fine (although I am badly missing vRO constants to hold passwords etc), however i’m now trying to configure some day 2 catalogue items and it appears that when configuring custom forms within Service Broker, any field where an external data source is needed – these actions still only refer to vRO actions rather than including ABX actions. Does anyone know of a workaround / fix because right now I’m stuck with vRA being half functional because the two SaaS products cant interact properly!



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