vRA 8 Set static IP assignment for selectable number of networks

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Hi All,


I am trying to create a blueprint with selectable number of networks and I use  networks: ${map_to_object(resource.Cloud_Network_1[*].id + resource.Cloud_Network_2[*].id,”network”)} for that.


It works fine, but by default we have dynamic IP assignment for all neworks, but I need static. I do not know how to change it nither through bluprint syntax nor through subscriptions.


Some details:


I suspect that for subscription Network Configure event should be used. But there are only one similar shema element SkipIPAllocations. I create it but it does not help.





Also I try to catch a difference between these two bluprints in inputProperties but I can’t find any:




    networks: ‘${map_to_object(resource.Cloud_Network_1[*].id + resource.Cloud_Network_2[*].id,”network”)}’





        – network: ‘${resource.Cloud_Network_1.id}’

          assignment: static

        – network: ‘${resource.Cloud_Network_2.id}’

          assignment: dynamic




Finally I try to set up in bluprint all networks and delete some of them during deployment using subscriptions. But if I delete some element from networkSelectionIds array I get an error:


Invalid network selection response for resource [com.vmware.photon.controller.model.resources.ComputeService$ComputeState@10778798]. The number of network selections do not match.








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