vRA 8.2 Resize VM issue

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Hi Community,


we are facing the problem that we are not able to resize any VM from the service broker or cloud assembly from a tenant org. vRA 8.2 is deployed as multi-tenancy environment and the tenant has a VPZ assigned where he can deploy to. Deployment of VMs works fine but when we try to resize a freshly deployed VM from servicebroker/cloud assembly we get the crytptic error message


Resize cannot be performed on Cloud_vSphere_Machine_1 since the state of the deployment/resource has changed.


No entry or error details under Request or Events log. Same error when we explicitly add the vCenter cloud account under the tenant and deploy to a project that is assigned to this cloud zone.


The resizing from the provider org/default tenant works just fine although.


This is a major issue for us, hope anybody can advise on that!


Thanks a lot in advance!

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