vRA 8.2 – Custom role and cloud templates

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I discovered the new feature “custom role” and it’s great ! That’s exactly what I need but I have an issue and I would like to know if I use it correctly.


I created a custom role names “Deployer” which allows :

– View deployments

– Deploy Cloud Templates

I want this role to be able to deploy cloud templates (blueprints) and see the status of deployments.


When I login with a user with this role, I only see deployments and cloud templates, that’s great.

My issue is : In the “design” table, where the cloud templates are located, I can also “create” a cloud template ! And I don’t want to role to be able to do this. Only admin will be able to create new cloud templates.

Is it a “bug” or I’m not using it correctly ?


Thank you in advance.


Best regards.

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