VRA 8.2 – Configure Bitbucket integration

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Hello everyone,

I’m trying to configure my VRA to integrate our Bitbucket server. I’m following this documentation : Configure Bitbucket integration in vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly

The first step is done : Add the server with a user and a token. All went fine here.


Now I’m trying to add a project to the integration to sync Cloud Templates for example but I also receive this error : Invalid content source configuration


Here is an example of configuration I tried :

Type : Cloud Template

Repository : DCT/vra-blueprints

Branch : master

Folder :


The main problem comes from the repository parameter I guess. dct = the project in Bitbucket and “vra-blueprints” = the repository name. I tried many different thing like :

– scm/dct/vra-blueprints.git

– dct/vra-blueprints.git

– same without .git

– projects/DCT/repos/vra-blueprints

– DCT/repos/vra-blueprints

but nothing.


Do you know how to solve this ? Maybe it comes from another parameter or configuration on bitbucket server ?


Thank you in advance.


Best regards, Simon

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