vRA 8.1 – Use an updated imageRef value

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Hi all,


In our blueprint, we supply a specific imageRef to use for cloning, which contains a valid template.  However, during the Compute Allocation phase, we would like to be able to re-assign the imageRef property to a different template –  a copy that we know is in the cluster we’re deploying to (for faster cloning).  We do have all of that working and are sending the updated imageRef value back to vRA in a customProperties attribute.


But when the clone actually takes place in vSphere, it uses the original template.  We can verify that the imageRef value is updated as it should be in customProperties, but it seems to be ignored when the cloning.  Does anyone know if this something we should be able to do in 8.1?  Or if there is another way to change the template used for cloning after the request is submitted?


In 7.5, we update the __clonefrom field, which works as expected.


Any insight is appreciated, thanks!

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