vRA 8.1 – Usage of tags to trigger specific actions

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Hello folks,


I am trying to specify logic about the assignment of the IP to be dynamic or static based on the tag that is applied on the Network object. So far i created two tags called:


  • assignment:static
  • assignment:dynamic


These tags have been applied to Network objects based on how i am handling the IP assignment. Some of them are being handled by a DHCP in NSX and some of them using the internal vRA IPAM. What i would like to do is add a condition on the assignment property for the vSphere Machine to be static if the network has the tag assignment:static or dynamic if the network has the tag assignment:dynamic.


For doing that i am experimenting a little bit and i am using the next validation:




Everytime i deploy a new VM it picks “dynamic” and i am 100% sure that is because i am using the wrong logic. Is it possible to use that logic based on the tags of another resource inside the Blueprint?

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