vRA 8.1 – Select AD Bind Location (Override AD Integration OU)

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I am looking for a way to allow a user to choose their AD bind location at request time in vRA 8.1. We were able to achieve this in 7.6 by overriding a custom property and away it went, so now I’m trying to achieve that same behavior within 8.x. I’ve already got AD integration configured and I can see vRA creating/deleting computer objects in the configured OU. Now I’m looking for a way to override the location.


I understand it may be possible if we bypass the use of AD integration in favor of event subscriptions and custom workflows. I’ve also read a few users here complain that AD integration has a few bugs in it where objects are not getting created. Ideally I’d first like to give AD integration a shot before looking at the subscription method.


Any thoughts are welcomed. Thanks for reading.

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