vRA 8.1 Pricing Card Calculation

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I’m currently evaluating the new pricing card functionality in vRA 8.1 in our test environment. Our production environment is still on vRA 7.6 and the price calculation is done with vRB. Since vRB is not supported any more with 8.x, we need a new way to do our billing for which we are using the showback and daily reports of vRB.


The integration of vRA 8.1 with vROps 8.1 is working from both sides. The pricing cards are showing the currency configured in vROps and I can see the prices on the deployments. The metering metrics in vROps are visible too and the calculation looks quite right.


What I’m currently missing is the grade of detail which the vRB showback and daily reports are offering. For example:


  • Daily uptime in minutes and monthly uptime in hours (VM powered on/off calculation)
  • Visibility of configuration changes (added/reduced CPU, RAM, storage)
  • Additional charges breakdown (Guest OS, tag based calucation)
  • Calculation for deleted machines (e.g. VMs deleted in the middle of the month still needs to be charged)


Is there anything available in vRA or vROPs to get this grade of detail for the calculation? Currently it seems like a black box which is only coming up with values for each day summed up for cpu, memory, storage, additional charges (combined) and total price.

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