VRA 8.1 – Input properties/tabs are lost when present VRO Workflow in Service Broker

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I created a simple XaaS VRO workflow with various inputs. In the Input form tab, I created multiple tabs, and set some properties to each input (such as visibility, regular expression, default value,…).

After saving the workflow, I imported it in Service broker, but all the properties was erased, and also tabs. All of the elements are shown as “Schema Elements” in the side bar, (General tab in presentation).




Service Broker:


Also, If I add parameter in VRO workflow subsequently, is there a way to “Refresh form” in Service broker?  VRA Version 7.x has “refresh form” option, but I did not find it in 8.1 version.


Does someone maybe have an idea how to solve it, or is this a bug?


Thanks for your help.

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