vRA 8.1 – iaas rest api returning "Invalid mime type" error

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I’ve been trying to extract a response from the vRA 8.1 iaas API, with no luck so far. every API call to, for example https://$url/iaas/api/about returns, the error:

{“timestamp”:1603193804909,”path”:”/iaas/api/about”,”status”:500,”error”:”Internal Server Error”,”message”:”Invalid mime type “org.mozilla.javascript.Undefined@ac577ae”: does not contain ‘/'”,”requestId”:”3bca07fd”,”@type”:”org.springframework.http.InvalidMediaTypeException”,”cause”:{“message”:”Invalid mime type “org.mozilla.javascript.Undefined@ac577ae”: does not contain ‘/'”,”@type”:”org.springframework.util.InvalidMimeTypeException”}}


Normally I do not use an Accept or Content-Type header to force a specific content type and am relying on application/json. This works fine with other API requests like:

https://$url/blueprint/api/about or



Including the Accept and/or Content-Type header with the value “application/json” returns the same error as above.


Does the iaas API request a specific schema or is this a bug?

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