VRA 8.1 – Adding/Removing NICs Before Provisioning

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Does anyone know if it’s possible to add/remove nics before provisioning starts…kinda like changing the blueprint on the fly?


In our environment, we have several different network configurations depending on what type and where a server is being built.  It could have 1-3 nics of varying port group needs.  We’d prefer to use one blueprint with one form and drive the logic from there.  But I can’t figure out a way to manipulate the blueprint for those different cases – there is no count property on a network, so we can’t set that to 0 to “remove” a nic.  And passing in an array of networks from a hidden input on the form may not be doable because we don’t know any of the network Ids – which that array seems to need.


Can we manipulate the number of nics during Network Configure or Network Provision events?  Meaning, can we add in new nics or remove nics during those phases?  Or during some other event topic before provisioning kicks off?


We are are aware that we can make changes after the server is built during the post provisioning, but that would be the least optimal approach I think.  So really just looking for options before that.  For example, a blueprint with no networks attached, and then build them on the fly – either via inputs or during some events.  Or build a blueprint with 3 networks and remove 1 or more along the way if needed.


Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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