vRA 7.6 HF12 – Cannot Deploy VM from OVA FIle

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We have several blueprints with provisioning workflow “ImportOvfWorkflow”. We have found that after the HF12 was applied, the deployment from OVA files stopped working. After the deployment request is submitted, it’s start provisioning a VM and start importing from OVA file. When the import is completed (as task in vCenter) and the machine is created, vRA reports that provisioning was failed and starts removing the machine from vRA. But the machine is not removed from the host. When the machine is powered on in vCenter, it’s working.


There is just the error message:

The following component requests failed: OvfMachine. Request failed: Machine IT-AUS-001: ImportOvf : The requested template IT-AUS-001, or its snapshot for linked clone, is not accessible.






Does anyone have a similar experience or any idea what could be the cause?

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