vRA 7.6 – Blueprint custom form computed values not refreshing + other bugs

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Maybe I am doing something wrong here, but maybe someone can clarify.

I have to use a csutom form for one of my blueprints, since otherwise not input validation is possible.


The custom form has a few fields:

1. User Input – a string. Checked by a regex, should return an error when string does not match.

2. Returns a computed value based on 1.; here a simple suffix is added to the string from 1.; Option used is Value > Computed value > Concatenate

3. A vRO validation of value the computed in 2. takes place, returning a string, if it is not successful. Done via a vRO action.

All fields above also have a “custom help” text assigned.


When loading the catalog element, there seems to be a computation and validation done once right after laoding the form, using default values (also when they are = null), but no matter how many times I change the input value of 1. , the other values in the form are not refreshed. It seems like all selected options are loaded once and cannot be changed afterwards.


Moreover, when selecting the “?” sysmbol to display a help text, only a small empty box is displayed. The same goes for “!”, when regex does not match.


Does anyone experience this behaviour too?

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