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I am playing around with the Data Grid in the New Custom forms Designer – more precisely with the “disks” Grid. What I found so far:


  • Adding the Grid to the Forms I got this Error:


Schema fields [[is_clone, initial_location, volumeId, id, label, custom_properties, userCreated, storage_reservation_policy, capacity]] should match the default value fields [[is_clone, initial_location, volumeId, id, label, userCreated, storage_reservation_policy, capacity]].


Cause: there is no “custom_properties” Field in the Grid Layout


Solution: Look at the “Default” Value and remove the “custom_properties,” from the Header and the “,” bevor the capacity – in my case before the “80”:



true,,0,1525072814859,Hard disk 1,,false,,80



true,,0,1525072814859,Hard disk 1,,false,80


  • Using the “disks” Grid “breaks” any approval Policies based on Storage Size


Cause: If you add more disks to the Grid the Value of “Storage (GB)” will not be incremented


Solution: Well… its more a workaround since I have not found a way to pass the Values of a Data Grid to an vRO Action. I created a vRO Action which fills the “disks” Grid based on Values in the Custom Form (the size of the template base disks are Hardcoded):


  • If you use an external vRO Action for the Grid Values the Return type of the Action must be “Array/Properties”. In my Case the Action was not found if I use this return Type.


Cause: Bug?


Workaround: I changed the Return Type to “Array/String” and the Action was found in vRA. After I changed the Values Binding in the Custom Form, Saved the Blueprint and corrected the Return Type of the Action to Array/Properties.

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