VPN blocked by Fusion on Guest machine

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Hi All,


Bit of background. I have Fusion 8, but since working from home I have had issues as my computer is no longer patched into the work server. The VPN to our server works fine on the Mac (host machine), but the guest (Windows machine) had a lot of issues. It would not even run Outlook or load the internet when I finally got it to connect. I thought perhaps the updated version of Fusion would be necessary, so I have been trialing Fusion 11.5 but it is like something is blocking connection to the VPN. I have even created a separate VM with a reinstalled version of Windows – so a blank machine, and have managed to get Outlook synced and the internet running properly but still cannot access the VPN. The Fusion 8 machine will do neither. I have tried calling VMWare Sales to find the answer and after 3 hours there was still no answer! Apparently it should work as I posted on Twitter, but they did not say how?! I have 7 days left of the trial and I want to find out if I can get the VPN on the host machine working. If I can then I will upgrade, if I can’t, I shall remain with Fusion 8.


Also, does anybody know if I upgrade to Fusion 11.5 whether I would get any technical support to get the VPN working or if I just pay for the upgrade and am left to figure out the issue myself!


Best regards…and do hope someone has an idea of how to resolve this issue!

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