VMWare Workstation Player Printing Problems

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I recently upgraded to the latest version of the player ( 15.5.6 build 16341506 ) from the previous version and I now have problems with printing documents from the virtual machine. VMWare tools ( 10.0.12 ) appears to set up the printing correctly because if I create a Wordpad document and some text in the virtual machine, that will print fine. However, if I try to print a page from an existing particular document in the virtual machine the end result is that all the text is small squares. However, diagrams will print but with the text garbled. Print preview gives the same result.


The host machine is a PC running Windows 10 version 1909 build 18363.959. The guest software is Windows XP and within that is a package that runs with Acrobat Reader 4 embedded. It is obvious there is a problem with the fonts and I have tried various fixes but none seem to work. What I don’t understand is that it all worked OK on the previous versions of the Player.


What I don’t know is where Thin Print obtains its font information from, if it does at all.


Any help greatly appreciated.


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