vmware workstaion: ram being allocated to virtual machine didnt unlock to host after host rebooting

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VMware® Workstation 12 Pro 12.0.0 build-2985596

host:Windows 10, 64-bit  (Build 19041) 10.0.19041 Memory 16252 MB ram

virtual:Windows XP professional Memory 1GB ram


I have had opened 10 guest OS stated as above settings reserving 13712mb ram in total.

After switching off the host and switching on with the same setting, i cant even opened 1 guest OS as the host window went blue screen

Me and my brother are having the same problem with uncountable times, we have even uninstalled the workstation and reinstall again but it doesnt help.


I have noticed when ever we opened the workstation, there will be a lag and seems like the ram from the previous settings (with 10 guest OS) has been locked but not released after uninstalling the workstation nor reboot the host.


In theory, the host after rebooting the ram should have cleared, but i got a feeling that workstation somehow manage to overwrite this and keep the ram locked.


I have been searching over the net, firstly i cant find a way to contact vmware workstation officially(an email address to send to) to make this problem solved and secondly i heard some people saying about the balloon mechanics for how the workstation works and to force it to release the ram which has been locked, but i cant manage to do it.


I also found out after reinstalling the workstation, they dont seem to do it clean enough. Only some previous settings has been removed but not the “state” i called e.g. feels like the workstation is still somehow working in the back ground and locking my ram.


My question is:

1) is there an email i sent to officially to address the problem?

2) how to start workstation ‘freshly” e.g. releasing all its locking ram from previous opening and lock again with new open up?

3) if rebooting the host cant clean the ram while i believe workstation is somehow having a priority to overwrite this, how to clean the ram then?

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