VMware vRealize Automation 8 – Service Broker – Configure Policies – Part 4

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To provide the background management of your deployments, you set up policies. Each vRealize Automation Service Broker policy is a set of rules or parameters that are applied to deployments, freeing the cloud administrator for other tasks.

Any policies that you create in vRealize Automation Service Broker are applied to the deployments in vRealize Automation Service Broker and in vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly.

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Configure Policies in Service Broker

1. Login to vRA = https://vRAFQDNorIP > Click on Service Broker Under Services

2. Content and Policies Tab > Policies > Definitions > New Policy >

3. vRealize Automation Service Broker includes the following policy types.

You use lease policies to control how long deployments are available to users. For example, you create a policy where all deployments are destroyed after 30 days unless the user extends the lease.

Day 2 actions
You use day 2 actions policies to control what changes users can make to deployments. For example, you create a policy that allows users to power off and power on their deployments.

4. Configure Lease Policy > Create

5. Configure Day-2 Actions Policy > Create

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