VMWare vCenter cannor run power-on script successfully

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I cannot login to our vCenter 6.0 with Internet Explorer and I receive an error. I tried to upgrade the VMWare Tools with the following steps:

1. Inventory

2. Virtual Machine

3. Guest

4. Install / Upgrade VMWare Tools


I restarted the vCenter VM but the VM Tools were not upgraded. I received and error in the Events Log which you can see on the attached
screenshot. Then I setup the VM Tools to be upgraded automatically during the VM restart with the below steps:


1. Edit virtual machine settings

2. Options

3. VMWare Tools

4. Check and upgrade Tools during power cycling – selected

5. OK


I power off and then power on the vCenter virtual machine but the tools again were not updated. Then I tried to login with SSH client to this
vCenter VM. When I login there I received the message “Error connecting to the server”. I was not able to execute any Linux commands.
The log files are attached to this post. Can you please help me to fix our vCenter 6.0 virtual machine ?

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