VMware Site Recovery Manager API’s don’t appear to be functioning

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I have a fully licensed vCenter Server 6 Std.


I have an evaluation license of VMWare SRM 8 Enterprise that expires in 4 weeks.


I am having trouble with the VMware SRM API’s working. Based on this documentation:

Online Documentation – Site Recovery Manager API Developer’s Guide – VMware {code}


I should be able to go to “https://<FQDN_Server_or_IP_Address>:9086/vcdr/extapi/sdk” and get a response, but I do not. I simply receive a page can not be displayed message. I am attempting to view this link from a Windows server on the same network as the vCenter & SRM appliances. There are no OS firewalls to bypass, no special routing rules required.


VMWare SRM appears to be installed & configured such that I can create/configure site pairs and replication. I can login to the SRM appliance without issue.


Is anyone able to assist? Is there something I need to switch on/enable?

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