VMware New Per-CPU Licensing

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If you haven’t heard, VMware is implementing a new licensing on his products which will be effective 30th April 2020. This means, if you were to purchase any license prior to that, it will still have no restriction.

So what is new in these licensing changes? Basically, VMware is introducing a physical core licensing to its per-CPU license. VMware software has always been licensed by per physical CPU with unlimited physical cores on that CPU. With this change, each CPU license will be limited to 32 physical cores.

Will the customer be affected? Most customers, will not be affected since most servers are using Intel CPU which currently has not exceeded 36 physical cores. However, those running the latest AMD CPU, will be affected as there will be more licenses required.

Here is the VMware announcement. This will apply to all VMware software.

One of the questions that are commonly asked, will be, If my CPU has more than 32 cores (example 48 cores) and I am using two physical CPUs, do I need three or four licenses? The answer is, four. The reason is the license cannot be split. So if a CPU has more than 32 physical cores, each will need to be licensed the cores required. In this case, each CPU will need at least two, a total of four needed for two CPUs server.

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