VMWare Fusion Pro 11.15.6 (16696540) causes macOS crash during disk shrink in Ubuntu guest OS

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I’m running macOS Catalina 10.15.6 (19G2021) and I’m trying to shrink the main disk of my Ubuntu VM.

I use the command “sudo vmware-toolbox-cmd disk shrink /” and after a short time macOS crashes and restarts.


After the restart of macOS I see the following error in apple error report: “watchdog timeout: no checkins from watchdogd in 90 seconds”

I can also provoke this error when I use the following command in the Ubuntu VM “dd bs=1G count=20 if=/dev/zero of=./blanko” or when using zerofree program in the VM

It also happens with above dd command and a smaller count like 5 but executed multiple times after the command finishes..


I get this error on both my iMac late 2015 and MacBook Pro 2015 both have macOS Catalina 10.15.6 (19G2021) installed and VMWare Fusion Pro 11.15.6 (16696540).

In both cases (iMac and MacBook Pro) the SSDs are encrypted with FileVault and also all SSDs use APFS as filesystem.


Can anybody else reproduce this problem and if so does anybody have an idea howto workaround this to shrink the VM hdd?


BTW when shrinking my Windows VMs this doesn’t happen but there I only tried the shrinking option when VM isn’t booted, I didn’t try the above command in a running VM.

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