VMWare Fusion is aweful

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So i payed money for this product and it is god awful!


I have installed a ubuntu 20 04 LTS and i want to run i3, and not gnome desktop.


I am running a macbook pro with a retina screen. And VMWare fusion 11.5.6.


The bugs i have encountered so far:


– The mouse trackpad has awful response. Scrolling starts out with me dragging on the trackpad a full cm or two until it actually understands that it should start scrolling. Its like scrolling in mud! If i pull my fingers slow along the trackpad, the vm doesn’t scroll at all. I have set that it should permanently not look for gaming. Fix the sensitivity!


– I set the resolution using xrandr in my vm, and i run it full screen. But if i flip to the host (macOS) and back, the host changes the resolution in the guest, so i need to reset the resolution. This also drives me crazy.


– Drag and drop does not work, and there is full of bad information so i have no idea how to fix it. The cd doesnt, mount, but the menu is grayed out and says in grey “reinstall vmware tools” which means they must be installed. When. running ps -ef | grep vmware i see that there is running vmware service. But still no drag n drop, or copy paste is working from host to guest.


None of the documentation i have found works or addresses any of these issues.


Fix your documentation so that it is relevant and easy, so that you actually can find information about how to solve this.

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