VMware App Volumes 4.0

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The long-awaited version for App Volumes has been released. For those who remember App Volume 3.0, it was taken down by VMware within a week (if I remembered correctly). It was a version that cannot be in placed upgrade and it was a new architecture completely.

It was a right move that VMware removed it and with version 4.0. This wasn’t the case.

In place upgrade was possible and co-existence of version 2.x and 4.x can be achieved.

To list a few of the new features below:

  • Increase the number and speed of attachments through a new packaging  and organizing the lifecycle of the Windows apps
  • Able to manage Single Application or Group of Applications in a single stack
  • Enable SSL encryption for SQL server
  • AppStack Migration Tool: use for migrating App Volumes 2.18 to App Volumes 4.0

Refer to this video for What’s New in VMware App Volumes 4.0.
Mastering App Volumes Activity path here.

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