VMTools Mouse “Driver” Stops Working

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So, I’ve been using ESXi and vSphere for a while now and when I run into an issue I can usually find an answer or solution relatively quickly, but I’m floundering with this one.


I have one particular Windows 10 VM (that I just rebuilt and it’s still doing the same thing) where after the VM sits idle for a period of time it’s as if the VMTools mouse driver stops working and the mouse starts acting all janky and gets trapped in the console window as if VMTools isn’t installed. I’ve tried restarting the service to no effect. I wound up rebuilding the VM and it’s still doing the same thing. The only thing that fixes it seems to be rebooting the machine. Searching around all I seem to find is people recommending installing VMTools, but I can’t seem to find any threads where someone has had an issue quite like this, or I just don’t know the right keywords to search for.


My guess is, since I seem to only be seeing this on one VM (at least, that I’m aware of) it could potentially be related to the software I’m running on it. But I’ve run this exact software on other Windows VMs in the past without issue. So I’m a bit confused here as to what might be going on.


Any help or suggestions in troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated


Thanks for any responses.


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