VMTools in 11.5.2 a big improvement for macOS

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Seeing this release note –

The VMware Tools kernel extensions can’t be launched on a virtual machine with older macOS versions.

In a virtual machine running macOS version 10.9 to 10.12, after installing VMware Tools, it’s kernel extensions cannot be launched. As a result, VMware Tools functionality is limited.

This issue is now resolved.


– prompted me to update my macOS VMs and much to my surprise all of my macOS VMs were all to update VMTools with 11.5.2 and the video is normal. (build-14792880) has installed on 10.5-10.10 and I was able in 10.7-10.10 to enable and use HIDPI with full resolution for Retina display. (build-15389592) has installed on 10.11-10.15.  A 10.11-13 VM (for lack of a better description) resists efforts to drag its screen to different sizes and is in HIDPI mode and will not allow you to set to default for display. 10.14-10.15 allowed me to set default for display.


Then I see tonight that 11.5.3 is out….

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