Vmrun Start command on shared machines

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Hi, Im Running Vmware WS 15 on Server inside my work domain, I have 14 shared VMs that i want to wake them up automatically after the server doing reboot.

When the machines arn’t shared i succeeded to do it but when they are shared the script isn’t working with an “Comunication error” messege (it changes to the machine window but do nothing).


my command: vmrun -T ws start “C:UsersPublicDocumentsShared Virtual Machines%%s%%s.vmx” gui

(the %ss is because i have for loop at my batch file.)


I think that this is something that belong to the fact that when i change the machine to shared the VMware moves the machine folder into Public user (maybe premissions?) but i trie to run the script as admin and also as guest user and still i got the same error.


Need help please!

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