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Dear all,


we have 2 serperate vm enviroments, and we try to migrate hosts with vm`s from the old 6.0 enviroment to the new 6.7 enviroment.

this works , i remove a host ( with running vm`s ) from the old 6.0 and add it to the 6.7 enviroment.


when i try to migrate ( vmotion ) in the new enviroment from one host to the other host, vmotion fails at 21%


the only way it works is to shut down the vm and then migrate, this works.

only we would like to keep the vm`s running, is there a option to keep the vm`s running and migrate ( vmotion )


the old host is 6.0 and the new is 6.7 ESXI


thanks for all your reply


best regards



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