VMFS 6 Stores disappear after extension of a FC LUN that is attached

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We got a from 6.7 Upgraded Environment (vSphere and vCenter) with attached HPE 3PAR FC Storage.

The configured vSphere Cluster got multiple LUNs which are VMFS 5 and VMFS 6 Datastores and also RAW Devices.


If we now (after Upgrade to V 7) extend a LUN (800 to 900 GB) the VCenter don´t show any VMFS 6 Datastores (local VMFS 6 Datastores on a local SSD too), just the VMFS 5 Datastores you could see under Datastores.

On a VM-Host HBA you could still see all LUNs (including the VMFS 6 LUNs), but on the VMFS 6 LUNs in the column Datastore you could just see “not used”.

New Size will be shown. This does not appear to all Hosts (alle same Hardware and Version) in the Cluster but on different Hosts on further LUN extensions.

VMs on a VMFS 6 Store will still work normal (read & write on the VMDKs) but will appear as OFFLINE in VCenter after a while.

Also HA will try to do a Failover / VMotion (which will fail for VMs that are on VMFS 6 Datastores)  if a VMFS 6 store is used as Heartbeat-Datastore.


Sometimes a Restart of the Server Agent will solve this problem. And some times if you will end a VM (with VMDK on a VMFS6 LUN) on this hanging Host.

Rescan of HBAs and VMFS = don´t help

Restart of VCenter Node = don´t help

Disabling HA and DRS before extending the LUN = don´t help


Got anyone se same problems or a solution ?

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