VM without user access to host OS (windows XP on new hardware)

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The question is: Is it possible to deny users from using the host OS? A way that when the computer is turned on, a VM with Windows XP (32-bit Pro SP3) installed is immediately loaded and it cannot be closed and logged out to the host OS? All USB drives and printers instantly connects to the VM without prompt. If it possible, what need to do?


Some details. May answer your question.

New hardware completely not supported Windows XP, so only VM can run it.

We have some industrial soft, that can run only on Windows XP, developers of this soft already die or non exist at this time.

Develop same soft (from scratch, cuz sources not exist) for new Windows costs more than two million bucks. Old soft works great on XP.

ESXi does not fit our requirements, cuz we need to use THIS machine physically (operator is must to use monitor, mouse and keyboard on this machine).

I will not write the name of the software used and any other information off topic.

Ask any questions on the topic, I will try to answer them as soon as possible.



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