VM Ware workstation 15 player Error in opening vmx file is corrupt

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I am using VM Ware workstation 15 player in Win 10 laptop. The Guest OS is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I had the maximum size of the HD set to 40 GB. The current size has reached 39.4, and today the OS will not open. It tries to when I give the command, but is unable to complete the process of opening and freezes up. I assume it is due to lack of space.


So I went to increase the disc capacity, but when I click on the option to do so it gives the message that “There is not enough space on the file system for the selected operation.” My HD has 120 GB, and 12 GB are free. I tried to increase the virtual HD by 6 GB. But I read that there has to be a free space on the HDD equal in size to the Virtual HD size in order to expand it. In reading on the VM ware site it says that one solution for this is to copy the workstation virtual machine to an external drive where there is adequate space, and carry out the expand operation there. After which it can be again moved back to the original location in one’s computer.


So I copied the workstation virtual machine to an external drive. When I try to open it there, I get the message “Error in opening, vmx file is corrupt.” I read about how to recover or create a new vmx file here, but the first step it gives is: “Log in to the Flash or HTML5 web client as an administrator”. I read about this but could not understand how I can do it.


Please kindly guide me so that I can expand the size of my workstation virtual machine.

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