vm ware base image that can be reused over and over again with out any issues.

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hello this is a good one, I built up an image on workstation 10. Its a win server 08 r2sp1. Its my base vm it has all the windows updates etc. I left it as a workgroup turned it off and copied it to my backup storage. I used it the other day no errors on boot up, joined it to a domain, I can manage it from domain controller but when I try to add a domain account I get a icon that has a question mark then S-1-5-21-1889911294-3107847624-4050080790-1108 (which is a microsoft security identifier) when I add it, it does not show. I think there is settings that are sticking with the base vm although it has not joined the domain. Basically how can I make a base vm that I can use over and over again that will be like a brand new vm built up from scratch. Is there something I can do with my current base image to make it work with out that sid issue.





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