VM fails to start, no visible errros

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My VM started giving me trouble, when opening it it would act like it was going to start it up and I’d get a black screen and Windows never starts.  I’d have to use task manager to stop the VMWare, I thought I had a corrupt VM, so I got a new one from a software partner thinking I’ll start over with a new VM, but same results, black screen, Windows never starts.


I de-installed and re-installed VMWare Ver 14.5 twice now.  I tried running vmware.exe in admin mode, and at first I thought I was good, the VM opened, Windows started and I logged in.  Then I shut down Windows and simply restarted the VM without ever leaving VMWare and no good, starts to reboot, but I get stuck with a black screen.


Don’t know what to try, vmware.log file attached.

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