VM does not reclaim null blocks

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VM does not reclaim null blocks



Hello, I have a question regarding vSAN reclaim.



The environment is a CentOS8 VM running on vSAN RAID Level 5.



For disk 1, 40GB of space was allocated to install the OS, and 2TB of Disk 2 was configured as a DATA storage.



Disk 2 consists of a single partition of sdb1, and if you check with “df -h” command, 70GB of space is being used.



Based on vSAN RAID Level 5, it is calculated as 70G * 1.33, so it is expected to use about 93GB of space, but the disk uses about 262GB of VMDK capacity.



So I changed the VMDK’s policy to RAID Level 1, and then reverted it back to the RAID Level 5 policy.



After doing this, the capacity of Disk 2 was reduced to 202GB.



With a question, I cloned the VM and performed the same operation, and the disk capacity of the cloned VM was 129GB.



Could you tell us an example of a situation similar to this one and a solution?

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