VM Customisation does not start automatically after deploying from template in 6.7

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Using: vSphere Client version


In our environment we have a “golden” VM set up to how we need it, then converted it to a template.


The VM Customisation specification is setup to Generate new security ID, add to workgroup, all the basic tasks to deploy a new unique VM from the template.


This has been working perfectly for a long time. However, now we have setup HCI VMware 6.7 environment. Deploying a VM from the template, the customisation specification no longer starts automatically after the VM is built. Despite ticking all 3 options including “Customize the operating system” during the Deploy from template stage.


This means the new VM remains as a clone of the template instead of becoming a unique VM. The current workaround we are doing is to shutdown the new VM after being built, Right click > Guest OS > Customise Guest OS and reselecting the customisation file again. This time it works.


This has always been working, but stopped working in HCI vCenter 6.7


The exact same templates in HP vSphere 6.5 works perfectly.


On a separate note, in vSphere 6.5 you could save the customisation file one vCenter and it would appear and be able to be used on all the other vCenters on the same platform. However on vSphere 6.7, the same customisation file must be duplicated to each vCenter to be seen when deploying a VM. This makes maintaining difficult.


Happy to add logs.

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