VM causes host to start freezing at seemingly random intervals.

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I have recently started using VMware and have really enjoyed it thus far.

However, it seems that my Linux Mint 19 virtual machine will occasionally flash in the taskbar as if it was trying to notify me of something and then almost immediately begin causing my entire Windows 10 computer to begin skipping. I need to forcibly kill the VM and VMWare with the Task Manager, which is very difficult when your computer is chugging.

Lowering the number of resources the VM could use helped a bit when needed to kill the process, but it shouldn’t be causing these random freezes in the first place.


Sometimes this happens after only 30 minutes of use, sometimes this doesn’t happen or many many hours, and I have yet to find a predictable cause.


Could someone tell me where I can find logs that may explain the issue or if this a known issue, and how to resolve it?

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