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Has anyone successfully ran Visual Studio 2017 through Application Profiler? Or have working UEM settings for Visual Studio 2017?


Application Profiler for some reason isn’t capturing anything when running VS 2017 and changing configurations settings. Every time you capture it comes back with nothing. So I am doing the configuration in UEM manually. I am having issues with VS 2017 consistently being able to bypass the first time launch configuration settings, when it asks for a theme and what kind of development configuration to use with VS. Sometimes you launch VS 2017 and it thinks everything is good and bypasses the first time launch configuration prompt, and sometimes it thinks this is the first time you have launched it.


This is for Windows 10 1703, UEM 9.2, App Volumes 7.3.2. AppStack was provisioned with the Master Image and has only VS 2017 Enterprise and SQL Management Studio 2016 in it.


Here is our current configuration for it.


I generated the ini and such with the Profiler 9.2, but it wouldn’t capture anything. I found all these manually.

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