Virtual Machines constantly shutting down after being idle. (VMware Fusion 11.5.6 & macOS Catalina 10.15.6)

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I have been using a Kali Linux virtual machine for a couple years now without any issues on my MacBook Pro and on VMware Fusion. Ever since the past month, my Virtual Machines have started shutting down over a long period of being idle (when I sleep for example).


This also happens on a Windows 10 VM.

It only started happening after I updated to VMware Fusion 11.5.6. I have disabled the VM from suspending by adding this line in my Kali Linux’s .vmx file:

suspend.disabled = “TRUE”

Although, it has not fixed the issue.


I have also configured my Windows VM to never turn off / sleep but the VM still suspends/shuts down after being idle for a long period of time as mentioned above.

Support would be greatly appreciated.








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