VIO 7 VDS deployment does not finish

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I try to deploy a new VIO 7 HA, VDS deployment.

At the end the deployment wizard does not close the window if I press on the finish “button”, but the deployment starts if i press cancel and refresh the window (maybe a UI issue).

The manager does not make any changes in the vCenter (like adding portgroups etc.) And the status stays at “validating”


If i login to the manager and do a “kubectl get pods -A” I get a Pod with error state:

openstack            create-objects-neutron-neutron1-262ksqffhf-bj89d                  0/1     Error       0          2m20s


but the log does not show something meaningful to me:

kubectl logs create-objects-neutron-neutron1-262ksqffhf-bj89d -n openstack

time=”2020-07-14T09:38:56Z” level=info msg=”successfully created k8sClientSet”

time=”2020-07-14T09:38:56.18Z” level=info msg=”detecting plugin configuration and parent resource” kind=Neutron name=neutron1 namespace=openstack

time=”2020-07-14T09:38:56.183Z” level=error msg=”failure while fetching parent resource for Neutron ‘neutron1′ (namespace=’openstack’): “vcenter1″ not found” kind=Neutron name=neutron1 namespace=openstack

time=”2020-07-14T09:38:56.183Z” level=fatal msg=”failure while fetching parent resource for Neutron ‘neutron1′ (namespace=’openstack’): “vcenter1″ not found”


Does anybody know how to debug this further?

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