VHD In-Guest Services Physical machines is it worth doing ?

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Hi All,


sorry I’ve been smashing the forums.


So before I start this side project thought I would ask the forum.

My agency is 90% physical hardware

windows 10 1709/1809

So lost the fight with VDI which sucks but if you can’t beat them take over them.


So as a trial I’m going to look at VHD and do a small test and build my case In terms of delivering applications.


So question is, this worth doing or am I just wasting my time ?


will be using Appvolumes 4.1

like I said will be Windows 10 1709/1809


whats the pros and cons

Any advise on how deploy a VHD to a corporate environment any info on this would be much appreciate.


I would love to make this work but would love some opinions on the matter.


Thanks in advance.

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