vgpu vms stuck at 19% will not migrate if host is put in maintenance mode

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When I try to put the host in maintenance, virtual machines with vgpu get stuck at 19%. If I manually perform live migration the virtual machines with vgpu will move without any issue.


I am unable to to locate any specific document which says DRS not supported with vgpu. However as per document below found that DRS support only initial placement of vm with vgpu

I have conformed as per nvidia compatibility matrix nvidia tesla M10 does support vmotion


I have troubleshooted and found that the vgpu.hotmigrate.enabled paramater is set to true, which it is. Unsure of where to go from here.


4 node cluster — VXrail ESXi version 6.7 VSAN 6.7 Vmware horizon 7.11

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