VeloCloud. Low-quality score measured over MPLS transport.

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Hello Experts.


This is PoC in a production environment.


In the normal scenario without sdwan there are two MPLS lactive/passive, so the MPLS-2 is used only when the MPLS-1 fails.


Now with sdwan both MPLS transports are enabled to forward traffic simultaneously.
I realized that VeloCloud is measuring a lot of “packet loss” on the MPLS-2. (Latency and Jitter are very similar than MPLS-1).


I would like to submit a support ticket with the MPLS provider but, how can I make sure than the VeloCloud measure is accurate?


I’ve performed some ping tests from MPLS-2 router on the branch office to the MPLS-2 router on the DC while VeloCloud is measuring packet loss, but the ping test is successful, 0% packet lost.


Any suggestions about other tests could I perform?
do you guys have seen something similar?


Thanks in advance.



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