VCSA from 65. To 6.7 u3 failing

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I have been attempting to upgrade our VCSA from 65. To 6.7 u3 but after the details are entered and next is selected, I am greeted with the following message at the top of the screen:



Failed to get an SSL thumbprint of the appliance server certificate for 172.x.x.x (which is the Host where the VCSA will reside.


Upon opening the logs I see the following

error: Could not get certificate fingerprint from host, 172.x.x.x: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT 172.x.x.x:443

2020-09-23T15:11:55.297Z – error: Could not get response in 30000 ms


In nearly all of the searches I have come across it says to run the migration assistant, but this is only applicable when migrating from Windows VCenter to VCenter appliance.  I am upgrading VCSA to VCSA


Any help will be greatly appreciated

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