VCSA 6.0 -> 6.5 CLI Upgrade Fails at 58% with Vmware VirtualCenter failed firstboot.

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We have a 6.0 vCenter Server Appliance with two external PSC [all build 9448190 / 6.0 Update 3h] we are attempting to upgrade to 6.5 U2e build 11347054.


We’ve been completely unsuccessful trying to use the GUI updater, as for some unknown reason the GUI upgrader will not connect to the vCenter/PSC during the initial connection in Stage 1.


However, with the CLI upgrader using a .JSON file, we’ve upgraded the PSCs (two external PSCs) without issue.


The vCenter Server Appliance, however, fails to upgrade with an error at 58%:


Progress: 58% Starting VMware vCenter Server…




     Problem Id: install.vpxd.action.failed

     Component key: vpxd



          Vmware VirtualCenter failed firstboot.

          An error occurred while invoking external command : ‘Command: [‘/usr/sbin/vpxd’, ‘-L’] Strerr: ‘


     Resolution: Please search for these symptoms in the VMware Knowledge Base…..

     vCSACliInstallLogger – DEBUG – Running command on vm [new vCenter name]: /bin/bash –login -c ‘ls `install-parameter` /system-data/’

     vCSACliInstallLogger – DEBUG – Running command on vm [new vCenter name]: /bin/bash –login -c ‘/opt/vmware/bin/python `install-parameter` /system-data/’

     vCSACliInstallLogger – ERROR – Fail to revert the target vm IP address: Failed to run and wait for command in guest with error ‘Command ‘[u’/opt/vmware/bin/python’, u’`install-parameter`/system-data/’]’ exited with non-zero status 1′


We were able to find a KB with the ‘Command: [‘/usr/sbin/vpxd’, ‘-L’] Strerr: ‘ issue listed, and it seems to refer to duplicate vDS and vDPG names.  However we were not able to find any dupes.


(KB 2147547 for the vDS / vDPG issue: VMware Knowledge Base and a related one showing how to connect to postgres VMware Knowledge Base KB 2147285.)


There is only one additional issue seen in the vcsa-installer.log.  We see a message “Failed normalizing ip: [FQDN of the vCenter being upgraded


Does anyone have any ideas on this one?

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