VCS Appliance – SSD or HDD/ Thin vs Thick

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I have 3 hosts to manage and have vmware essentials.


I would like to install VCS Appliance to manage all the 3 hosts along with Veeam Backup & Replication Community edition for backing up VMs

I have a 400GB SSD datastore and 3TB HDD datastore. I installed VCSA on the SSD in thick mode and it took up ~250+ GB. 


1. Any suggestsion, industry experience with this kind of work-load for me to install VCSA on the HDD and/or should I keep it on SSD using Thin Mode?

2. If i do decide to change the VCSA appliance later  – for eg from Tiny to Small deployment or move it to another Datastore, I should be able to uninstall VCSA and re-deploy correct?

3.  Can I use Veeam B&R to do regular snapshots on VMs? – like every 15 minutes or is that too aggressive? . I currently do nightly backups but would like to reduce the Recovery Time Objective


Appreciate any guidance

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